The leading consulting firm in Israel

for exporters to the US Market

  • Since 2004, ORINOM Ltd. is the leading consulting firm in Israel for exporters to the US Market. We consult, promote  and represent more than 20 prime Israeli manufacturers in America and Canada.

    We are a One-Stop-Shop for the manufacturers, starting from the feasibility studies through strategic planning and actual selling and business development.

    Our goal is to cooperate with North American Partners meeting their strategies and goals, while promoting and upgrading the value to their customers and brands. 

    The founder and CEO, Avi Albert, holds an MBA in International Marketing with Honors from Manchester University. Avi is a Certified Expert Consultant from the Israeli Export Institute. 20 Years experience in the US market including living in America and managing an Israeli-American company. Avi is a Management Member of more than 10 companies as well as a Mentor for CEOs.

    Success Stories (Partial List):

    In 18 years ORINOM has over 150 Joint Ventures and Cooperations between American Companies and Israeli Manufacturers.

    Terraflex - Products sold to Walmart, Home Depot, Menards, Canada, Marine, Indutrial and Pro Channels

    Palziv - Products sold to Canada and Sporting Goods Channels

    Mogogo - Penetrating the Food Service Channels with products placed at Hilton, Sheraton, Fairmont, Stanford, Stadiums, Casinos and other channels worldwide

    EZ-Dog - Cooperations in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe in the Pet Channel

    Eldir - DIY Products sold to Sears, K-Mart and Canada

    Elgo I - Garden Products sold to Menards, Garden Centers and other channels

    Madgal - Faucets sold to multi channel - Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Orchard, Industrial Wholesalers, Amazon, Show Rooms, On- Line, Joint Venture with American Standard, Canada & Europe

    IDM - Products sold to Food Service and Industrial Channels including leading hotels worldwide. Cooperation with American Hotel 

    Hair Care and Cosmetics Producer - Joint Venture with the leading wholesalers in North America, products sold to carts in malls, to professional channels

    Plasto - Cleaning products sold to multi channels - Food Service, Commercial and Retailers across the US (2015)

    Elgo II -  Products sold to Wholesalers, Retailers across the US (2015)

    Miniplast - Joint Venture with a leading US Brand (2015)